til’ next week

February 2, 2007

For all my millions of readers, I wanted to get a post up today, but I have a hangover, and the last time I posted with a hangover I regreted it. Posting drunk is no big deal, but the amount of work it takes to get something coherent going in the morning isn’t worth it. So now I’m shooting for monday.


Hello world!

January 13, 2007

I’ve decided to start a new blog here and quit paying 5$ a month for Tripod’s dinasour.  There are a lot of reasons why my blog probably sucks, but without question, even if I were to fix all my personal failings, the load time for the main page and worse, to leave comments stop me right out of the gate.

I’d been visiting Jeff’s really cool blog, “Minds, Meanings, and Morals” and was impressed by how easy it was to use. I don’t have time to transfer posts and kind of want a fesh start anyway, so I’ll just leave “Man of the World” up and even slower after converting it to a free account.